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These terms apply to anyone who uses the site, whether as a casual visitor, a signed up member or a professional who is listed on our directory. By using the site you are agreeing to all of these terms.

We are entitled to change these terms of use at any time without prior notice. Please check terms of use regularly to take notice of any changes made as these are binding to you.

We own a licence for intellectual property rights to our site and all of the content on it. It is protected by copyright laws and treaties Worldwide. You may print one copy and download extracts of a page for your own own and you can refer others to our site but must not change the printed or digital copies or use any illustrations, photographs or graphics separately from the text but you must acknowledge us as the authors of that content. You must not use any content for commercial purposes. Your right to use our site will end if you have printed off or copied anything that breaks out terms of use.

We cannot vouch for the accuracy, wisdom or helpfulness of any advice given on our site. Everyone is different. You may need to get professional or specialised advice or another opinion before taking any action on the basis of content on our site.

Use of the advice columnist and professional directory as a professional

The directory of advice columnists and professionals gives people a chance to advertise their services Worldwide. It is the only such directory in the World. Giving advertisers an opportunity to find clients easily, quickly and cheaply without having the hassle, needing the skills and needing to invest a lot of money in their own website.

We cannot vouch for potential clients or clients. Those who choose to be listed on the directory as a professional advice columnist or professional are totally self employed. If you want advice or information that may help you to set up, run, advertise, promote yourself, deal with clients, you can read free information on our advice column. You can also consult our professional agony aunt for one to one confidential and private email advice which is specific to you or your specific questions or needs but she gives this information in good faith with no liability. One to one advice on how to set up and/or run your business is totally separate to a directory listing. Some only have a listing, some only have advice, some choose to have both. It is up to you to make your own decisions based on the business you are setting up and/or promoting. We are not liable or in anyway to blame if you do not receive as much work a you would like from your listing(s) or have any problem from a potential client or client. Professional listers who advertise on the directory are paying for their directory listing, not advice, extra information or arbitration between themselves, potential clients and clients.

Use of the advice columnist and professional directory as a client

Every professional listed on the directory is totally self employed and has no connection with us. Those who wish to invest in a one to one consultation with a professional advertising on the directory can consult anyone who is advertising on our advice columnist and professional directory on the understanding that these people are self employed. They work totally individually from us. We cannot be held accountable in anyway if they misinform or are unreliable or give bad advice. If you are unhappy with them you must deal with them, we cannot get involved. If you have an issue regarding payment through pay pal you must take this up with pay pal. We are not liable to any user for loss or damage even if it could have been foreseen, arising in connection with you using this site, relying on content on the site or consulting one of the advertising professionals through the directory.

We do everything reasonably possible to ensure that a professional lister’s information is accurate but professional listers are independent of us, totally self employed, and are responsible for their own information and we are not liable for it’s accuracy. We will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or otherwise arising in connection with you relying on a lister’s information. We are not liable for advice, counselling, therapy or any other service or support a lister provides or any action you take as a result of that advice, support, help or service.

If you would rather have free advice through our website please use the free agony aunt letters forum and the other forums. But please be aware that most who use the discussion boards and the free agony aunt letters forum are amateurs. We cannot vouch for their attitude, integrity, information or what they say. Those who want free agony aunts advice are welcome to post their question and allow readers to reply on the strict understanding that we are not liable for anything they say.

If you choose to consult our agony aunt for a private one to one email consultation once you have booked this you cannot cancel your booking and receive a refund. We promise to get your email advice to you asap within the stated time. If you wish to consult the advice columnist again for a follow up on that or a different question consult her again. We do not issue a refund if a purchaser of a one to one consultation claims they are unhappy with the advice given. The agony aunt is an experienced professional and has done the work and is entitled to be paid. We are not liable for any decisions, diagnoses, decisions or actions provided by listers or as a result of contacting a lister. Clients who pay a professional lister who advertises on the directory are paying a totally self employed professional for their services. Everything you pay goes to the lister. We do not provide advice, extra information or arbitration between potential clients, clients and professional listers.


Business users please note that we will not be liable for loss of profits, sales, business, revenue, savings, opportunities, goodwill, reputation or any other indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from using this site or interacting with anyone else who uses it.

We are not liable for damage or loss caused by a virus or any harmful event arising from technology that may affect your computer or material, nor in contacting any other websites that link to us or people you hear about through us. We do not guarantee that our site is free of viruses although we make every effort to make sure it is.

The terms of use, their subject matter and formation, are governed by English law. By using this site you agree that any legal dispute between you and us will be settled in the courts of England.

You must not use our site in a way that breaks any local, national or international law or regulation. You must not use our site in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent or has an unlawful or fraudulent effect. You must not use our site in anyway that is harmful to an adult or a minor.

You must not copy, resell or reproduce any part of our site. You must not interfere with, damage or disrupt any part of our site. This includes any equipment or network our site is stored on.

We reserve the right to omit any content without explanation or discussion. We reserve the right to edit content without explanation or discussion. Content must be accurate and not deceitful. .Anyone who includes inaccurate content on their directory listing or elsewhere. Content must not contain material which damages any person’s reputation or which is obscene, offensive, hateful, inflammatory, promoting sex, violence, discrimination (i.e. race, sex, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexuality, age) or break or limit or undermine any other person’s copyright, database right or trademark. Content must not abuse, invade another’s privacy, annoy or inconvenience anyone, nor cause needless stress. Content must not promote or help with any unlawful acts, such as computer misuse or breaking, limiting or undermining a copyright. Content must not upset, embarrass, harass, alarm or annoy any other person.

Suspension and termination

If we decide that your use of our site is not acceptable we may terminate your use of the site. This applies to those who use the site free, those who have paid for a directory listing and those who consult a professional listed on the directory or our own agony aunt for one to one paid agony aunt consultations. We do not refund people who pay for a professional listing or service and break our terms and conditions.

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