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Am I too old for my husband?

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I have been married to my husband for approaching ten years and I love him as much as when we first met. My problem is that he is considerably younger than me and I worry constantly about the generational gap between us and our divergent interests. To be honest, it probably stems from our wildly different upbringings: he grew up in the metropolitan fringes of East London whereas I was born and raised in a concrete jungle in Colchester.  I know it’s just superficial and I’m worrying too much, l but even our Spotify Wrapped showed our glaring cultural differences. Mine was Kylie for the 12th year in a row with a smattering of Eurovision. So gay, so predictable.  His was full of way cooler, niche punk and alternative bands and artists I’d never even heard of. He can even play along to most of these on his electric and acoustic guitar.  Our other interests diverge too: my love of reality TV seems so basic and ‘mid’ compared to his love of professional wrestling.  Although I gently mock his love of wrestling, I secretly envy how he has found a passion beyond the mainstream. Even my derision of how much time he spends watching wrestling or listening to wrestling themed podcasts is purely hollow. Of course I love being married to someone younger, with so much vim and vigour, who never baulks at a late night or a midweek session, but I fear there will come a day when I just can’t keep up. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. 

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Afraid to say you probably are, mate. Or should I call you grandad? You sound like a lovely old chap, but I think you'd better of putting your slippers on and letting this young love of your life run free and live his life of late nights and partying. You've had a good run and I'm sure you could find someone closer to your own age. Look on the internet for seniors meet ups in your local area.  There's probably one for older gays too where you can speak to likeminded people about the good old days in the 80s.   

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