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Friends hurt me

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I am nothing much to look at and wear horrible thick national health free glasses. My friends call me names and tease me. They don't invite me to their homes or parties and try to avoid me.  It is cruel to be this unkind to someone.  One of my friends, Lesley, says I should get some nice new clothes and nicer glasses. My mom won't pay for them and my dad agrees with her.  The teachers at the school say I should be concentrating on my lessons and exams, but it is hard to do when feeling so sad.

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How old are you? School sometimes feels like the longest chapter, but it isn't and it does end. Your teachers are right about something. If you focus on your exams and studies, then one day you will be able to afford your own glasses and clothes. It will just be a chapter you might cringe at - but that's all it will be. A chapter.

However, that doesn't make it easier right now. A lot of people are bullied and you are not alone. The key thing is these are not real friends if they make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe try joining a club or a route to make new friends. Also, you don't have to have this follow you home. You can turn off your phone when you walk in through the door and you can silence social media notifications. They do not control your life and they don't define you. 

Re clothes and glasses, glasses are very very expensive to get thinned down and your parents might not be able to afford this. However, they might be able to afford contact lenses so you could ask them about that. 

Re clothes, you can get cheaper clothes at charity shops or cheaper stores in town - and you only need to start with a few items for when you see your friends. Maybe try to do some babysitting or cleaning, even a few hours a week could provide a little cash to put towards items you want. 

Talk to your parents about the bullying. Don't make it about asking for money but about asking for advice and sharing what you are going through. This might make them prioritise cash in a different way, but mostly it will mean you are not alone and have someone to hug when you get home. 

This might be a really tough chapter, but it will get better. You are more than a pair of glasses and an outfit - from someone who had glasses, braces, lanky and awful outfits - and a Mum who wouldn't let me shave my legs - it does get better!


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