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How can I see my girlfriend without my wife finding out?

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My wife is not very friendly or sexy or willing in the bedroom. She goes to bed early and off to sleep instantly, no cuddling, kissing or helping me out! This has been this way three years and I am fed up with it but I stay because we have a nice apartment, near where I work and my family are very critical and expect me to stay no matter what.   They reckon marriage is a business arrangement, you need a wife to look good for the boss so you get a rise or a promotion and keep in his good books, and if you do not get on or it is sexless so what cause it serves it's purpose anyway and you see it as an arrangement.

A few months ago I met a lovely woman, she works at my place of work, she is busty, has long luscious legs, is keen on sex and invited me over to her place. We had hours and hours of blissful sex and orgasms. More sex than I had ever had with my wife since the day of meeting her.  As well as that she is good company, lovely, kind, caring, funny, she deserves a good life.  But I cannot give her one, as I can only get away to see her about once a fortnight.  She has not complained but I know it will happen and I am living on borrowed time.  How can I get to see her more - without wife finding out - so that I can give her happiness?

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