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I think my husband has an online girlfriend

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Help! I think my husband has a virtual girlfriend. My husband and I have been happily married for years .  A while back, my husband bought himself a virtual reality headset.  I thought it might be a flash in the pan; something he’d get bored of quickly like his gym membership or BB gun(!). Instead he spent hours at a time, engrossed in his virtual role playing games, thrashing about in our bedroom on his own, making all sorts of weird noises.  Intrigued, I started watching him, without him knowing of course.  I’d watch him for hours and hours. Sometimes filming him to share with my TikTok followers.  As these gaming sessions continued- sometimes weekly, sometimes daily- I noticed him talking to the same person: someone called ‘Nat’ or ‘Nuts’. On top of this he would gyrate his hips and stick his tongue out most inappropriately. Could this be part of a game or is this some kind of virtual orgy? Please help.  Should I be worried about my husband’s online activity? 

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I'm sorry to hear the predicament you're in.  I don't know youe husband but I know the type and I'm sorry to tell you he's definitely chatting to someone online.  Those virtual reality headsets are only bought by one sort of bloke. He's got a pixelated bit of fluff on the side.  You gotta confront him about this 'Nuts' he seems to be in love with. They sound perfect for one another 

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