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[Sticky] My fiance is mad I spent wedding cash on wrestling belts

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A few months ago I proposed to my girlfriend at the top of Mount Snowden and I was delighted to say she agreed to make me the happiest man in the world by saying yes.  Giddy with excitement, we started making plans for our upcoming nuptials.  My beautiful wife- to-be has wonderful taste and, to make this the day of her dreams, I have allowed her to plan every aspect of our special day.  She did say, however, I could add ‘one small touch’ to show  my personality.  So…while she’s been searching and dilly dallying over wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses,  flowers, venues, hair and make up etc, etc, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and made a few purchases from our wedding savings that do indeed reflect my personality and interests just like she said I could.  Now, you can imagine my surprise when package after package arrived this week containing the simply outstanding, mint condition, selection of replica wrestling belts for us to wear on our wedding day, and she hits the roof!   My fiance knows how important wrestling is to me, so I’m finding it hard to see why she would be so upset at the thought of wearing the classic pink mid 90s WWF Women’s Title either over her dress or shoulder. Despite what she says, she’s the one who’s going to look daft if she’s NOT wearing it whilst I walk down the aisle with my IWGP Heavyweight Championship (original version) slung over my shoulder. On top of those belts, I’ve bought original WWF tag team titles for the evening bash.  What’s more romantic than ‘His and Her’ titles? Why tell me I can choose one aspect of the wedding to plan and then go ballistic at me just because I spent a few grand bringing this dream to life before she’s bought a single thing?  To be honest, I think it’s just the stress of the big day looming that’s getting to her and this will all blow over soon. What do you think I should do?

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Mate that’s tough. If they were WCW belts, I’d understand where she was coming from. Those belts were awful, other than the big gold belt obviously. You need to sit her down and explain the significance and historical importance of the titles. I’m sure she’ll come round in the end. 


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I feel her frustration is not about you spending the money on superficial stuff but the fact that she wants you to prioritise her n the commitment to the wedding.  She wants you to show your support and commitment.  Its all about how you are showing up for her as a man who is commited to her and your life together. Everything that you do will be showing her if she is safe in creating a life together.  May I suggest you sit and think about what you are bringing to the relationship as a strong devoted masculine man🙏

Nikki 30/12/2023 11:54 am

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@jennybuechler Terrific advice my dear. You would make a great professional well paid agony aunt. Sign up on the directory so they can pay you for your help and put some more advice here so they can see you are truthworthy. Life is too short not to.

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