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My wife refuses to dress up as a rabbit!

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All guys have their needs. I need advice from an amateur agony aunt online please.  I buy my wife a lot of things - flowers, chocs, meals out, holidays, nice cars yet she will not do the one thing that I really want, dressing up like a rabbit when we are in bed. It turns me on so much, I get erect just thinking about it. I bring a large bowl of carrots upstairs and get the costume out, lay them seductively on the bed,  she comes up, puts them on the floor and acts as normal,   all she does is take her clothes off and kiss me, she murmurs stuff to me and she is willing to do it all but not the way I want, with her dressed as a rabbit and eating carrots. I've explained to her that this is a deal breaker for me and I will have to consider going to a massage parlour or call girl or go to Amsterdam where these women  sit in windows displaying their wares if she does not see the error of her ways and buck her ideas up. But she just laughs.  She has offered to dress up as a nurse or a policewoman, but not a rabbit, I am at my wit's end.

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If we separate this.

Firstly, you sound like you buy lots of treats for your wife, which is lovely. The flowers, chocolates and presents. However, giving your wife gifts does not correlate to expecting certain behaviours in return - especially sexual. She is your wife, rather than a prostitute. That means that she is not having sex with you in return for payment or gifts. 

However, on the other hand, it is important to communicate your sexual desires. Your wife is having sex with you and offering to dress up for you. However, she seems to have an issue with being a bunny and eating carrots. It might be worth talking about your fantasy, without the threat of cheating on her if she doesn't. Why you wish for her to dress as a bunny and why she doesn't want to. If it isn't something she is willing to do even once, then maybe try to work together to find a fantasy which works for you both.

Saying you will go to a prostitute could be implying that you view your wife as a prostitute and merely sexual object. She may be finding this demeaning and insulting. Try to fall in love with her beyond the sex and do other activities together. And be careful - cheating on her for a fantasy, might mean you lose your wife. 

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