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Trouble with travel agent

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I saved up for a holiday and went to the travel agent. Explained to her that I only have $500 and want to go on a World cruse. I've offered to pay the $500 before the cruise, enjoy the cruise and then pay a few dollars here and there as I get some spare until the rest is paid off, but this difficult woman says that is not acceptable!  She insists that I pay all of the money before the cruise. And she refuses to reduce the price to £500.  She had the cheek to suggest I save up longer or settle for a much shorter cheaper holiday¬ How outrageous. I am a nice person,  Never been  in trouble with the police or been violent but I feel that this selfish woman deserves to be punished for being so mean.  I have not had a holiday for a year so am well due for one, I've explained all of this and she just shrugs her shoulders as if she does not care. How callous. What is the best way to punish her for her uncharitable and unhelpful behaviour towards me?

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Oh dear...

£500 is a lot of money and I am sure you have spent a long time saving up for a holiday, but unfortunately this amount of money will not take you very far.

A round the world cruise will cost many thousands of £££. So whilst the travel agent may have seemed heartless and not listening to your request, she was just pointing out the hard truth of the matter that your savings will not get you the holiday you desire.

Instead of seeking the round the world cruise, why not consider something a bit closer to home, renting an AirBnB or going to a B&B and spending time in a lovely part of the UK or Europe.

The hard fact of the matter is that you need be mindful of the true cost of things, rather than assuming your savings will be sufficient.

Can I also suggest that you apologise to the travel agent, after all she was only doing her job.

Happy holidays

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