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Why can't we eat dinner at a reasonable time?

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 I love my husband and the life we have with our two beautiful children. Having a young family, of course, a daily routine is vital. There’s no way we could get two small children ready in the morning without a rigorous routine.  It’s in the evenings, however, where I need your help to break a different, more painful, routine. Once the children have eaten and are both in bed, my husband (for he is the cook in our household) starts cooking our dinner. I say ‘starts cooking’ but really he just puts on some Radio bloody 4 show, laughing at their pretentious jokes, while I waste away on the sofa. I joke, but, after a long day at work and or tending to our beloved offspring all day long, I just want some sustenance at a reasonable hour. His insistence on cooking every meal from scratch and then flamboyantly postering over each step like he’s Aisley flipping Harriet. When we started using Hello Fresh and their ‘20-30 minute meals’, I thought I’d finally be able to eat my evening meal before it came time for breakfast. Somehow he manages to bend space and time to elongate these meal preparations too. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve taken up drinking gin to fill the time and numb the pangs of hunger as I wait for what feels like an eternity. Every. Single. Night. Please help. I simply don’t know what to do. 

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This is absolutely oitrageous and, dare I say it, tantumount to abuse.  Maybe that's a bit harsh but it's really made my blood boil that he would think it acceptible to make your wait and wait for something tha is, after all, a simple human right.  Any time beyond seven thirty should be deemed as appropriate for a good tongue lashing.  Also, keep a diary with the times he serves you each night. Who knows, maybe someone (LAWYER) might want to see it one day. 


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Hmm well I have two thoughts on your dilemma.

Firstly, you could just tell him that you are hungry and get him to make something faster than he is currently doing. He clearly thinks he is a chef and feels he can take all the time in the world, which must be infuriating for you, not to mention the fact that you are going hungry until very late in the evening.

So, my first suggestion is to speak to him - in a calm but controlled way so that he hears your point of view.

Secondly, even if he is the designated cook in the family, why don´t you offer to either assist him or better still, make the meals yourself? That way you have control over the timing of the meal.

If he still insists on taking forever to prepare the meal, why not go into the kitchen and make yourself a snack. He may just get the hint

Good Luck

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