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Why does my sister hate me?

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My sister told me she hates me but she will not tell me why. She is 25 I am 27, she is married with two kids, I am single and lonely.   When we chat she tells me that my life is better than hers, but she does not explain why or what she means or why she is blaming me!  I would love to be married and have kids, I have no friends and spend most of my time at work or at my place watching tv, so it makes no sense to me?

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Has she actually used the words that she hates you? Or do you just feel that she does? 

The fact that you talk among yourselves suggests that she does not in fact hate you, but is jealous of the freedom of your life and struggling with being a young mum. Maybe try to help out a little more - take the kids out to the park to give her a day off? You will have more company and a nice day, and she has some time to recharge. Also, it might be a good time for some communication. You can try to talk to her about how she is feeling - she might share that she is struggling for example. It is a difficult period in a woman's life. You can also try explaining to her that you are often jealous of her life too. 

In terms of your own life, try getting out to meet people. I know it is really tough but maybe try joining a gym or a society. Try going on dates and give people a chance. Often people don't show their real selves on a first date and might be better on the second! Life will get better - for you both! 

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